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Quality Control


Quality has been our sole driving force since the very beginning.  We intend to achieve the utmost customer satisfaction by pleasing almost every requirement of our customer.


We work with TQM (Total Quality Management) approach that emphasizes on process control. The directed control at each stage of process allows us to reduce the amount of rejection continuously.  We analyze the records to downsize the lapses in process. 100% inspection reflects our Company’s standards at global level.  Inspection of raw material input is done through analyzers.  We are equipped with advanced testing instruments.  Every output piece goes by stringent inspection for precise finish.


 We are Certified ISO 9001:2015 for our quality manufacturing process and management.

Chemical Analyser helps us to check various elements like Carbon, Silicon during Melting Iron and helps us to control the same.

 Hardness Testing Machine helps us to check and maintain the Hardness of the Cylinder Liner. It is measured in HRB, BHN, etc. 

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