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Induction Melting is done through Induction Furnace. It results in clean, energy efficient and well controllable melting process. Material is added into melting furnace and molten material is then poured the Centrifugal Casting Machines.


 Cast Iron Casting moulding area for manufacturing Cast Iron Casting Parts.


Our Foundry is equiped with Miller Machine for Mixing and making of Moulding Sand. 


 After Casting is Moulded in Shape, we have Drum for parting sand from the the casting.


 After Sand is removed from the Casting, we have various Grinders to do Fettling and remove certain edges from Casting.


Hardness Testing Machine helps us to check and maintain the Hardness of the Cylinder Liner. It is measured in HRB, BHN, etc. 


Surface Roughness Tester helps us to check and maintain the Roughness and achieve the quality required by the customer. Roughness is measured in Ra, Rz, etc.

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